Pars HOMEX 2017

DSC_542218th International Exhibition of Home Appliances

Why Mashhad

Mashhad as the second most populated metropolis of Iran and also hosting of millions travelers and pilgrims from domestic and abroad, due to the holy shrine of the eighth Imam of Muslims every year, is considered as one of the biggest consumer markets in the country. This city connects Iranian Railway to Central Asian countries as a corridor to link international markets to untapped and attractive markets of CIS countries and Afghanistan. In this due it maybe be the largest transit region of goods in the Middle East after Dubai port. Possessing of gas resources, variety of mines, fertile lands, appropriate infrastructure in the fields of transportation, energy and industry, it has become the fourth pole of GDP in Iran and suitable for a variety of economic activities such as industry, trade and service providing.

Participants fields of activity

All kinds of electric appliances
The non-electric appliances
All types of gas appliances
Kitchen appliances
Kitchen equipment and accessories
Home decorative accessories
Audio and Video devices
The relevant parts of the home appliance industry


Exhibition Timing :

Duration Period : Jan. 9 – 13, 2017

Why attend the Pars HOMEX 2016 is a unique opportunity?

According to some market experts “household appliances market in Iran is the second lucrative market after America’s in the world”. This industry with a turnover of about $ 8 billion a year is one of the most attractive durable consumer goods industries in Iran. Pars HOMEX exhibition that is held for the eighteenth time in Mashhad, because of that is the second populated city in Iran and historically is the trade and cultural center in east of country and Central Asian countries such as Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and etc. , every year a great welcome from both exhibitors and visitors takes place, as in the previous period close to 200 accredited household appliances from Iran and 50 representing brands from other countries, within an area of over 15,000 square meters have been presented their latest achievements that welcomed more than 90,000 visitors from domestic and neighboring countries too. While is expected, after the lifting of economic sanctions against Iran at the beginning of 2016, this event is welcomed by the majority in the national and international level.

The objectives of the exhibition

Presentation qualitative and quantitative achievements in both domestic and foreign appliance industries
Creating a proper stimuli to compete domestic producers with reputable producers worldwide
Attraction of new technologies and investment
Creating a stronger link between consumers and activists in appliance industry
Engage the final product manufacturers and parts makers together
Professional marketing in huge consumer market in the region                                               Creating an appropriate conditions to commercial contracts between manufacturers, representatives and after sale services


Booth fees include

Rental of covered exhibition space
Ensuring public safety fair
Print your name and company information in the book exhibition
Print special Identification Card for exhibitors
Targeted and specified advertising
Daily housekeeping
The inscription on the stall doors
Wireless high-speed Internet in the halls of the exhibition venue

Accessories exhibition includes

Custom Booths
Promotions and Advertisements                                                                                                         Booth equipment
Direct phone line
Residential facilities with special discounts
Electricity (three phase)
Employees, translators and service forces stationed in the booth
Cargo in exhibition


Person In charge: Babak J.M.Shahri

Direct Phone:051-36010337

Fax:051-36158 extension 1

Cell Phone:0098 935 5020352

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