Iran Build Show 2016


19th International Exhibition of Construction Building

The objectives of Exhibition

Establishing a vary exhibition in accordance with needs of the exhibitors and participants of building and accommodations industries
Moving on the path of economic development in the fields of construction and building facilities through the expansion and dynamism
Introducing the latest capabilities and technologies in the construction industry and related industries
Providing opportunities for manufacturers and service providers to connect with their markets
Creating a platform for the exchange of experiences and exchange of information among participants and create healthy competition
Take advantages of high commodity diversification in the exhibition of the mass production to fine services in one place
Provide exceptional service for participants to interact with their clients through barter
Satisfaction participants through inviting experts and related professionals with targeted advertising

Why attending the Build Show 2016 is a unique opportunity؟

This exhibition is the largest meeting of professionals and experts of construction and building facilities in the Middle East that put comprehensive information to engineers and industry experts through its workshops and demonstration of thousands new products and latest technologies. The exhibition has two decades of bright experience that could manage 500 exhibitors from 30 provinces of IRAN and 47 representatives from 17 foreign countries. this event also could attract more than 30,000 specialist visitors among this period. Mashhad Building and facilities construction exhibition puts a great opportunity for people in search of construction machines or products are concerned


Participants fields of activity

Instruments, equipment and construction machineries                                                      Roofing and covertures the ceiling and walls and prefabricated components
Work safety equipment
Casement and entrances                                                                                               Decoration and Interior Design
Sanitary Faucets
Parquet and floor coverings
Pipes and fittings
Heating and cooling installation systems
Lifts and Elevators
Electrical and electronic equipment and appliances
Base materials include cement, decorative stones, plastered, brick and sand
Paints, resins and building coatings
Consultants and contractors

Exhibition Timing

Duration Period July 11-15,2016

Opening Ceremony   July 11,2016

Opening Hours 17-23

Registration Deadline   June 30,2016

Reception Deadline for Book Exhibition Data June 30,2016

Exhibitor designed booth assignment date

standard booth assignment date

Stands building Deadline

Reception Deadline for ID Card information

Parking & ID Card delivery date

Stands Discharge Time

Booth fees include

Rental of covered exhibition space
Ensuring public safety fair
Print your name and company information in the book exhibition
Print special Identification Card for exhibitors
Targeted and specified advertising
Daily housekeeping
The inscription on the stall doors
Wireless high-speed Internet in the halls of the exhibition venue

Accessories exhibition includes

Promotion                                                                                                                                        Booth equipment
Direct phone line
Residential facilities with special discounts
Electricity -three phase
Employees, translators and service force stationed in the booth
Cargo in exhibition


Person In charge: Babak J.M.Shahri

Direct Phone:051-36010337

Fax:051-36158 extension 1

Cell Phone:0098 935 5020352

Web site: